Sidra Michon – wife, mother, working-professional that loves good food & cooking

I am not a professional cook, but I love to eat good food. I gravitate to cookbooks with big colored pictures and I need to see what I am striving to re-create to be inspired. I often improvise by combining the best parts of multiple recipes.

I’ve always like to cook, even as a young child, but typically just worked on producing brownies and chocolate-chip cookies which my dad loved to consume. My plans for a carefree 7th grade summer were curtailed when the first morning I awoke to find a stack of 3×5 cards on the counter with cooking instructions for the frozen food items sitting next to them. My summer family job was to make sure dinner was on the table by 5pm Monday-Friday.

After a few days of following the notes left for me, I ditched them and turned to The Joy of Cooking; we became great friends that summer. I looked for meals that could be thrown together relatively quickly, didn’t need a lot of supervision and where the ingredients and preparation sounded yummy (no pictures in The Joy of Cooking). What I learned about cooking that summer carried me well into my early adulthood; I could cook any type of protein, and for years a baked potato and steamed broccoli sufficed as my sides.

It was after I was married and had kids that I got the foodie bug. I wanted to expand my cooking repertoire, but I also was working full time and raising a family, so as with the summer of 7th grade, recipes needed to be simple with relatively few ingredients that could be done, start-to-finish in about an hour.

At any point in time, I tend to cycle through the same set of about dozen recipes, but when I look back at years previous, the set is very different with very little overlap. I have lost track of many great recipes; they are most definitely ear marked in one of my many cookbooks, but they have in all sense, been forgotten. The purpose of this site is to not only keep better track of the recipes I love, but to more easily share them with friends and family – it also makes grocery shopping easier. Enjoy!

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