Goat Cheese with Roasted Peppers

I was introduced to this delicious concoction via a friend of mine the summer of ’21. The combination of goat cheese, lemon zest, fresh herbs and roasted peppers on fresh French baguette was supreme. So easy to whip together, and so colorful!

  • goat cheese
  • roasted peppers
  • lemon zest ← I used the zest from 1 lemon
  • fresh herbs ← I used fresh thyme, but you can use whatever you have around
  • olive oil
  • [optional] freshly ground black pepper
  • crackers and/or french bread
  • place the goat cheese in the center of a nice serving platter
  • spread the roasted peppers around the goat cheese
  • sprinkle the goat cheese with the lemon zest and fresh herbs
  • if adding the freshly ground black pepper, do so now…sparingly
  • drizzle olive oil over everything
  • voila!
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