Blackened Salmon

This is one of my weekly rotations. We all love it especially if we fell like we’ve been eating “heavy” the last few days. I serve this with my Mediterranean Salad. It’s a quick and easy meal to throw together and great for company to boot. What ever is left over makes for a great lunch the next day.

  • Preheat grill to high heat
  • Rinse the salmon and pat dry
  • If the salmon is in one long piece, you can either leave it that way, or cut into more manageable pieces ~5-6″ wide, which I do since it’s easier to tent and manage
  • Next, you want to cut pieces of tin foil, one per piece of salmon, that are long enough to “wrap the pieces of salmon like a present”, the idea being that you put each piece of salmon on a piece of tin foil and then “tent it”, leaving one shorter side open for venting (see pics)
  • Place each piece of salmon on its piece of tin foil
  • Mist each piece of salmon with olive oil and then season heavily with the Seafood Magic – no need for salt or pepper here, and you don’t need to worry about over seasoning
  • “Tent” each piece of salmon (see pics)
  • Before placing salmon on grill, turn grill down to medium-high (you can keep on high, but then you really need to keep more of an eye on it to prevent over cooking). When I have company and easily distracted, I grill at medium-to-medium-high. If no company, then I grill at a high temperature.
  • Grill with lid closed. Let salmon cook for about 5 minutes before you start checking on it for doneness. After then, I recommend checking every few minutes. I polk with a folk to see it progress from still raw (doesn’t bounce back at all), to starting to get firm, but not too firm. As it starts to firm up, I cut into the middle to see if it is still raw in the center. My guesstimate is that the fish is on the grill 12-15 minutes.
  • Note: you can cook the salmon prepped this way, with the tin foil tents in the oven on broil if need be. I’ve done it when the skies let loose and it’s just too wet outside. It will take longer to cook though, more like 20+ minutes.
Recommended products
You can find Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Seafood Magic in just about every grocery store. Here’s a link on Amazon for buying a single 2oz bottle, unfortunately not Amazon Prime.
Here’s an Amazon Prime link for a package of two 2oz bottles at slightly more cost per bottle.
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