Steak Tips on the Grill

This is a really easy way to get dinner together pretty quickly for the family and for guests. It is better if you can marinate the steak tips overnight, but if not, then try to at least let them marinate for about an hour. The recipe was given to me by a friend in Lexington that was a waitress for a restaurant in Lexington, MA that has been long gone for at least 20yrs. This is how they marinated their steak tips. The original recipe called for using 7-seas Italian dressing specifically, but they’ve been gone off the shelves for years as well.


  • steak tips
  • equal parts brown sugar, soy sauce and Italian salad dressing – enough to cover the steak tips for marinating. In the picture above I used ½ cup of each.


  • If you can plan ahead, get the steak tips marinating the day before. Otherwise try to let them marinate as long as possible before grilling.
  • Place the steak tips in a container for marinating
  • Add equal parts of the brown sugar, soy sauce and Italian salad dressing
  • Put lid on container & shake
  • Refrigerate until you are really to start dinner
  • People have different grilling styles for steak tips. Sometimes I put them on skewers with onion, tomatoes and mushroom. Other times I just toss them on the grill loose and serve them with mixed grilled veggies.

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