Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

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Swim Goggles – I use these when I cut onions. Works like a charm. I’ve heard that ski goggles are good too, but goggles are smaller and take up less room next to my cookbooks.
Cooking Scissors – I use these just about every day for cutting/mincing fresh herbs
Measuring Spoons that fit in spice jars.
Not infrequently I have run into cooking scenarios where I wished I had one of these meat thermometers. I finally took the plunge and bought the Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo. Before purchasing, I did a fair amount of research and based my decision off of this NYT article that compare a few of them.
FoodSaver – I initially bought this following the delivery of my Mellow Sous Vide; a Kickstarter product purchase. I now use it all the time for vac sealing fish and meats for longer refrigeration or freezing times. I think this is my all time favorite gadget.
I use these replacement Vacuum Seal Rolls to create my own custom sized bags for the sous vide. I also now vac seal all my meats and fish so that they have a longer life both in the fridge and freezer.
I purchased the Instant Pot Duo Plus from Amazon in early December 2020. I was looking for ways to create yummy meals that didn’t require as much supervision so that I could chill more in the evenings. Didn’t quite turn out as I had envisioned, but thanks to Milk Streets Fast and Slow cookbook, I fell in love with my instant pot, and with the recipes from Milk Street….so so good.
I love the size of this grill basket for doing veggie side dishes, especially when we have company. It can hold a lot and the handle makes it easy to shake and rotate the veggies.
An olive oil mister makes prepping fish and chicken (and your grill) so much less messy
this jar opener is a life (and time) saver. It can adjust to open jars of any size. I have yet to find something too big, or too small.
This apple peeler and corer is an essential gadget to have especially when you have small kids. It peels and slices the apple so that it looks whole, but is one contiguous piece, like a slinky. Fun to eat! Also makes pealing and slicing apples for apple pies a breeze. You can use it to peel potatoes as well, but I’ve never used it for that.
I think these dinning table sized black pepper grinders are a beautiful design. I have a few for when we have company so that each end of the table has handier access to freshly ground black pepper. They are so classy.
Great Kitchen Knives – I’ll start with a quote from Anthony Bourdain

I wish sometimes I could go through the kitchens of amateur cooks everywhere just throwing knives out from their drawers — all those medium-size ‘utility’ knives, those useless serrated things you see advertised on TV, all that hard-to-sharpen stainless steel garbage, those ineptly designed slicers — not one of the damn things could cut a tomato.

Please believe me, here’s all you will ever need in the knife department: ONE good chefs knife, as large as is comfortable for your hand.

My 2-cents to add to this, is yeah, one knife is enough, but then you need a few so that you don’t cross contaminate while prepping. I agree 100% on being able to slice tomatoes. I am guilty of having too many knives, and should probably chuck out all but 3 of them. I have one knife that I use specifically for tomatoes, and then two others that are my “cuts everything” knives, very sharp & easy to sharpen.
My tomato knife is made by cutco. I recently discovered that my parents have 1 knife from cutco and it is this exact same one. Theirs is 50+ years old and still works great.
My main go-to prep knife, the BUNMEI 1802/180, 7 INCH USUBA KNIFE.
Anthony Bourdain’s favorite knife, for both beginners and professionals is made by Global, it’s Global’s G-2 Chef’s Knife. This knife is on my XMAS list.
There are a few dishes I make that call for fresh thyme. Getting the thyme leaves off its twigs takes time (lol), but if you forget and need it ready “right now”, it can throw off your rhythm and timing (lol) of everything. I stumbled on this herb stripper in one of those bins of gadgets at an Ace Hardware store. Love it.
These silicone collapsible funnels come in handy and they are easy to clean and store. I mostly use them for bottling my Nosey Neighbor BBQ sauce, but also for transfering homemade salad dressings into serving jars and getting used grease from frying into a disposible-with-lid container.
Kicking myself for not buying something like this nylon cooking fork eons ago. The long handle protects your hands from oven heat and burns. It’s great for flipping bacon, meat and the obvious – it doesn’t scratch your pans!
These nonstick silicone baking liners are really handy. They protect your baking sheets from the mess (and damage) caused by roasting veggies in the oven.
This dough cutter is key for making nisu!

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