Freezing Whole Ripe Avocado

Can this really be done? I have a whole ripe avocado in my freezer right now, 7/13/20, and I am going to try this tomorrow (see notes at bottom of page).

The article in the link above claims that you can keep your avocados fresh for months by freezing them when they get to the perfect state of ripeness.

  1. Put your avocados in the freezer when they’re at your desired level of ripeness.
  2. When you’re ready to use it, run it under hot water and let it sit on your counter for around 30 minutes.
  3. Once you can press your fingers into it, cut the skin in quarters with a knife.
  4. When you peel away the skin, you’ll find a fresh, ripe, and creamy avocado you can use in any dish you want.

Did this work? sort of…. depends on what you have planned for the thawed avocado!

update: I thawed my frozen avocado today (8/10/20), and while it looked amazing in terms of color, the consistency was definitely altered. Instead of firm-to-slightly-soft, it was very soft, almost mushy and much more watery. You *might* want to use it for an avocado toast spread, but unless you mixed in fresh ripe avocados to make guacamole, it is much to soft for my taste. As for the taste, it tasted fine.

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