French Onion Soup

This is a winter 2021 goal of mine. The picture below is to remind me what I am striving to recreate. We love love love the French Onion Soup at Ross‘ Grill in PTown. It’s our favorite restaurant there by far. If you haven’t dined there yet, you need to. Tell the owner, Caesar, that Sidra sent you.

When I asked Caesar what I needed to know for recreating this soup, he said, start with the perfect bowl, the Porcelain Lion’s Head Bowl. Other than that, all I know is that they put a whiffle-ball sized ball of shredded cheese on top while cooking/broiling it.

Caesar spends his off-season winters touring vineyards in France, Spain, Italy, etc looking for wines to bring back for his restaurant. Let him pick the perfect wine to accompany your dinner.

Here’s my attempt at tackling French Onion Soup. It came out great!

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