Warming Drawer Spinach

No idea how I stumbled on the idea of cooking spinach in my warming drawer. I wouldn’t prepare spinach this way to eat alone, but it is absolutely perfect paired with a dish that has a sauce or generates a lot of juice. In the photos above I served the spinach with Lemon Chicken Breasts.


  • baby spinach, I use two bags since it really reduces down quite a bit
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • [optional] fresh grated parmesan cheese


  • Turn warming drawer on high
  • Place spinach in a large serving bowl(s) in warming drawer. I start with two like the one shown above, and about ¾ the way through it has reduced down to the point where I can combine the spinach into one of the serving bowls.
  • Check on spinach every 3-5 minutes to make sure it’s not wilting too quickly, and toss each time to cook evenly
  • Before it’s “done”, about the time when you would combine the spinach into one bowl, season with salt & pepper, add grated parmesan & toss
  • Place your protein (fish, chicken, steak) over the spinach and pour the sauce or juices from cooking over everything. The sauce that the Lemon Chicken Breasts cooked in is perfect for this.

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