Cooking Tips

  • What size turkey do I need? Check out this Turkey Size Calculator!
  • Mincing/Chopping fresh herbs – To get the most flavor from fresh basil or parsley, stem it first and place the leaves into a pyrex measuring cup and then snip the leaves with cooking scissors.
  • Cookie Dough – I’ve heard this from two sources, but you should keep the dough in the fridge for 24hrs before making the cookies; it gives the cookies more texture ← not sure I want more texture in my cookies, but I’m going to try this next time and see what happens
  • Hard Brown Sugar – I always have placed a piece of bread in the container to soften it up when it gets hard. I just read that you can use a slice of apple as well. I rarely have bread in the house, but always have apples, so yeah!
  • Pie Crusts & Biscuits – use grated butter when making biscuits or pie crust. This makes it easier to integrate and distribute the butter. Hmm, I have used a pastry cutter for when I make my ginger lemon scones, but this would probably be easier since you can just grate the frozen stick directly into the bowl.
  • Softening Butter – I am guilty of often forgetting to set butter out in time to soften and then just throwing it in the microwave, and often end up just melting it (bad, I know). This tip says to place the stick of butter inside a glass that is big enough to fit over the entire stick and that has been warmed up to soften. Fill the glass with very hot water and let sit for a minute or two. Empty the glass and place over the stick of butter on the counter and let sit for another minute or two. It says you can start with butter straight out of the fridge and that you can leave the wrapper on the butter if you want.
  • (Too many) Ripe Avocadosfreezing whole ripe avocado – fact-or-fiction, thawed my frozen avocado on 8/10/20
  • Foods that should not go in the fridge….the ones I didn’t know about
    • Potatoes – refrigeration turns the vegetable’s starches into gooey sugar
    • Onions – become moldy and mushy from the humidity in the refrigerator, also when onions are chilled the starches inside the bulb are converted to sugars!
    • Tomatoes – storing tomatoes at cold temperatures damages the flavor-enhancing cells
    • Basil – other herbs do fine, but basil will not last as long if refrigerated
    • Berries – are tricky, I am always throwing out moldy raspberries and blackberries. Only rinse before using and if you do put in the fridge, make sure they are well ventilated
    • Coffee – the humidity in the fridge and freezer reduces the flavor and smell
  • Peeling soft boiled eggs – I recently discovered Scottish Meatballs, at the center of which is a soft boiled egg, but peeling the eggs is a royal pain, time intensive tasks that often leaves the egg looking “not pretty”. I’ve heard that using older eggs helps, but who wants to do that! Just this past weekend (5/22/21), a restaurant chef connection mentioned that they put them in the freezer to chill them down quickly before peeling. This is similar to the suggestion of placing them in ice water to cool them down quickly. I will try this and update to say how well this works (or not).

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